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“Create a frictionless, connected world through digital currencies”

Internet enabled information to flow for free in no time.
Every one of us has the ability to express ourselves on the internet.
Now, the Blockchain technology = internet of value is here.
We will enter an era which various transactions, such as execution of contracts or transfer of ownership, can be processed directly without any intermediaries.
There is a shift from a world connected by internet to a world processed by Blockchain.
By connecting the independent and decentralized Blockchain with the participants of the new system through digital currency exchange, COINAGE will contribute to the advancement of internet.


Name COINAGE, Inc.
Line of Business Digital currency exchange
Established October, 2017
Headquarters 5F, No.16 Sky Building, 3-14-5, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative President   Ryohei Yamazaki
Capital ¥960,000,000


  • Ryohei Yamazaki President

    Ryohei joined ngi group, Inc. (currently UNITED, Inc.) in 2008 and became Manager of Business Administration in 2011. In 2012, he was named Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Planning Division and the following year, he became General Manager of Business Administration. He has diverse experience in M&A, venture investments (CVC) and PMI. He has also worked extensively on equity financing, information disclosure of public companies, and IR. In 2017, he founded COINAGE to enter the crypto currency exchange business.

  • Yozo Tanabe Director

    After graduating University of Tokyo, Yozo joined Lehman Brother in Tokyo in 2008. The following year he joined Goldman Sachs and work in Tokyo, New York and London. He has experience in mitigating compliance risk and managed information barriers and conflict of interest between divisions. In 2017, he completed an MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona and joined COINAGE.

  • Tomokazu Otsuka Director

    After Graduating from La Trobe University – (Australia) with a bachelor’s degree in Department of Management and Marketing 2007, Tomokazu joined Money Partners Co., Ltd (one of the largest foreign exchange brokers in Japan) as an FX broker and conducted cover dealing. In 2011, he conducted prop-trading and developed trading algorithms as a manager. From 2013, as a general manager, he was responsible for managing the dealing business of the department and supervised 25 staff members. In 2018, he joined COINAGE as an Executive Officer and is currently a Director.


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Service / Customer Support

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